New Revolution in Social Media Marketing in 2021

So what do Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have in common? Well, they’re all social media platforms. People use Facebook to post pictures of events that happen in their lives with a unique angle. They use Instagram to post cat pictures, and they use Twitter to post about the latest in news trends. But what if these social media platforms could help businesses compete in the cutthroat world that will exist Post COVID-19? What would you say? Think this is impossible? It’s not and this article will explain why!

New Revolution in Social Media Marketing in 2021

Social media as a marketing tool

The first social media platform was Facebook. It was a lot different when it first appeared 13 years ago. Back then, it was just an informal way for people who may or may not have lost contact with each other to connect. But now, it’s transformed into a global platform. True, people still connect on Facebook. However, businesses have found that Facebook is also a powerful marketing tool. They can post unique stuff about their businesses and brands. This gets people interested and it gets a loyal following started. It’s not hard for businesses to turn these people into regular customers!

Welcome COVID-19-

Ah yes, that wonderful virus. It changed the destiny of the world and made it much more digital and remote quickly with social distancing, remote gathering and working, and contactless delivery, among other things! It also resulted in lockdowns and quarantines. While these are being lifted, doing business digitally more often has not. This has made social media marketing (SMM) more important than ever!

Facebook and E-commerce-

E-commerce promised to change the way the world did business and worked more than 20 years ago. And do you know something, it lived up to all of its promises. While dot coms fizzled back then because they couldn’t outcompete established giants like Walmart, they did ensure that buying things online (e-commerce) and doing business online (e-business) was here to stay! 

Facebook noticed that. That’s why it allowed people to create groups where they could easily find jobs. It also dedicated an entire section called the marketplace where people could easily buy and sell goods. Sometimes they could even barter. Well, Facebook (naturally) wants more of the rapidly growing and lucrative e-commerce pie. That’s why it has set up Facebook shops in recent years.

However, it’s going to do much more than that in terms of e-commerce integration. The big markets in terms of e-commerce are not in the developed and industrialized West (though that may be where some of the richest customers are.) They’re in rapidly developing countries like India and China. Facebook knows this and this is why it wants a piece of the action. After all, a huge percentage of Facebook users are in these nations. 

Simplified Payments-

E-bay offers this option. Instead of having to go to the sites of payment gateways like PayPal and Square when you want to buy things off of E-bay, you can pay with one click. Indeed, this is all possible without even leaving E-bay’s official site. Well, guess what? It works! People lead busy lives and don’t want to have to ‘jump through hoops to pay for stuff. 

Facebook noticed this. It’s developing Facebook Pay. This is its version of a one-click payment option. But Facebook wants to be like Google in some ways. If you were to go onto websites that are on Google, you’d notice that these sites would feature products and brands that you had just been looking at on other sites. This is designed to get you to buy these products.

Facebook is copycatting. It’s featuring products similar to the ones you have been looking at online in its posts. What’s, even more, is that you’ll see these brands on your general Facebook page. The idea is to entice you to buy these brands. And do you know what? It WORKS!

Connections Between social media and Web Designing

After all, we do social media marketing. It’s our job to take note of these types of developments so that we can integrate them into our social media marketing strategies. We strive to provide you with the best possible social media marketing services by integrating the latest developments in SMM into our services.

We use Facebook extensively. Our social media marketing team will gladly ‘go the extra mile to help you set up the Facebook business profile that will help you get a large following quickly. But we go one step further. We’ll integrate a Facebook shop page for you into your business profile. You’ll find that it will be easy for you to attract customers quickly. That will be money in your pocket. You’ll also find that these customers will stick around and will give you referral business. Referral business is how most businesses survive even in the digital age.

Oh, and we’ll also help you incorporate your brands into the newsletters and other content that you send your customers and prospects electronically!

We can make impressive videos with a lot of Video Editing Software and Tools available in the market and then we can help those videos in marketing on social media campaigns.

Web Designing is revolutionizing the way social media marketing is done

Facebook’s increased foray into e-commerce is here to stay. We recognize this and this is why we want to be among the first companies that take advantage of this by integrating this into our social media marketing strategies. We can make awesome designs to help with Latest Graphic designing tools and software available online and then use that designs to make social media marketing with hoardings, pictures, videos, etc.

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